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Composer for media



 2016: Better call Saul ( score mixer ) 

 2016: Cuerpo de Élite  (Music arranger ) / ( pop rock music producer )

 2016: Tom's Dilemma ( composer: additional music ) / ( score mixer ) 

 2015: Somebody's Watching ( Short ) ( score mixer ) 





 2012: Moleskine & Disney

 2012: Kuapay ( advertisement campaign )

 2013: True Religion & Coachella Festival

 2013: Wayfair ( International advertisement campaign )


This is an electronic experimental album created with real instruments and pure sound design.


Controlled low-end and crisp high frequencies make of Organic a journey into audiophile's cold nostalgia. From familiar chord progressions and powerful melodies to sonic experimentation and ambient-esque stratification. From emotional dreamscapes to stoic contemplation Escudero's debut hits hard into the forever mysterious how did he do that badge.
A dreamland for those who enjoy complex rhythms and expressive textures.

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